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Oxymizer Mask

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The Oxymizer® is the simplest conserving device available today, operating without electronics, batteries, switches or flow controls. This disposable product can help you save time and money, meet the clinical needs of your patients, and ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Nasal Cannulas

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Second to none in patient comfort, Medline's soft-touch nasal cannulas help minimize irritation and soreness. Designed for long-term oxygen patients with curved, non-flared nasal prongs. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths.

Incentive Spirometer

Colorado Respiratory Supplies and Rentals

After surgery, it may be too painful to take deep breaths. You may also feel too weak to take deep breaths. When you do not breathe deeply enough, this can lead to sick lungs. By using the incentive spirometer  you can take an active role in your recovery and keep your lungs healthy.

High-flow Nasal Cannula

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High flows of an oxygen can be administered via a nasal cannula to accurately deliver high volume of oxygen therapy. Nasal high flow therapy can be used as an effective alternative to face mask oxygen, allowing the patient to continue to talk, eat and drink while receiving therapy.

Liquid O2 Reservoirs

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Liquid O2 Reservoirs offer high quality and reliability.The proven vessel design of these reservoirs is rugged and easy to use. Low maintenance and long life make them cost-effective to own. No batteries required!

EverGo Portable Concentrator

Colorado Respiratory Equipment Rentals

The EverGo lets active people be active without worrying about running out of oxygen. Its extra long 8-hour battery life, lightweight design (less than 10 pounds), and easy to use touch screen display means you can be free to enjoy life your way. The EverGo is approved for use on all commercial flights originating or landing within the US.

EverFlo Q Concentrator

Colorado Respiratory Oxygen Equipment

With EverFlo Q, you get the benefits of an ultra-quiet concentrator without the burden of paying an ultra-large premium. And, that's good for you and your patients. Because EverFlo Q has only two filters, providers will spend less time and money on regular maintenance or repair calls.

6PSI Humidifier & Bottle

Colorado Respiratory Supplies

This disposable humidifier has a 6 PSI pop off audible safety alarm, large easy to grip quad style wind nut, easy flow dome lid design combined with a unique 360 degrees diffuser that helps to reduce rain-out. Easy jar to lid assembly with half turn positive seal with no gasket required, permanent maximum and minimum water level indicators will not wash, wear or rub off.

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